Feel Good Feb: How Does Your Practice Feel?


When we kickstart a new year, we spend most of January focused on pursuing the new goals or resolutions we’ve set for ourselves. 

Then we reach the end of January and perhaps feel slightly deflated. Pursuing these goals often takes over from asking a more important question; how is pursuing this goal making me feel?

I used to get fixated on going after things because I thought it was what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing. Once I started thinking about how these pursuits actually felt – what value they were adding to my life and to me as an individual – and how they were helping me feel connected with others, I quickly realized they weren’t doing much for me!

Thinking about something ‘feels’ rather than just blindly ticking off goals and ensuring they align with our values is essential in making progress – in life and our careers.

And February could be the perfect time to realign with this message.

What is ‘Feel Good Feb’?

Feel Good Feb was created to encourage people to initiate acts of kindness within their communities and for others.

Research has shown that giving back to others through random acts of kindness (RAK) has mental and physical health benefits for both those acting on the kindness and those receiving it.  

Feel Good Feb was launched to celebrate and promote these benefits and remind people that there’s a lot of good in the world – when we make the time for it.

How to Add Some Feel Good Feb to Your Practice

I love the ethos behind Feel Good Feb because it aligns with some of my core personal and professional values. I got into immigration evaluations and created this community because I wanted to help others and showcase how vital this area of practice is.

Thinking beyond our individualistic January and into Feel Good Feb, how can we share the kindness and focus on the values that got us all into our lines of work?

  1. Share Some Gratitude.

You don’t need me to reel off a list of the benefits of gratitude – it’s well documented – and we know that expressing gratitude for the small and big parts of our days can be extremely rewarding.

But when was the last time you vocalized your gratitude to those around you?

Perhaps a colleague helped you with a problem, or a family member picked up extra chores at home so you could complete a big work project. Make sure you express that gratitude loud and proud.

  1. Offer Your Time.

Find ways to give back by offering your time and expertise differently. 

You could mentor a young colleague, volunteer in the community, or work pro bono for clients experiencing financial hardship.

There are plenty of ways to give back and feel good by offering your skills and time in different ways to those who need it (but might not be confident asking for it!).

  1. Reflect on What “Feels Good’.

When was the last time someone did a random act of kindness for you – what was it, and how did it feel? Maybe a colleague bought you a coffee because they sensed you needed a pick me up, or a family member made your favorite meal after a tough week.

Whatever it is, think about how you can keep paying it forward in your own way. 

Pay It Forward

Something that makes me feel good is supporting this community and helping so many of you discover and get started by offering immigration evaluations to help more families find stability in their lives.

Here are a few ways I’m paying it forward with the Immigration Evaluation Institute:

  1. My FREE Quick Start Guide.

If you’re new to immigration evaluations and wondering whether they could be right to add to your practice, this is the only resource you’ll need to help you make your decision.

And yes, it’s completely free. I believe in this work, and once you explore it in more detail, you will too.

Download your copy online now.

  1. The Immigration Evaluation Institute Facebook Community.

Our Facebook community is a welcoming, supportive, and engaged group of like-minded professionals who are always on hand to offer a helping hand – and kind words when needed!

I love being a part of it and connecting with everyone that joins us.

  1. A Bonus Directory Giveaway.

If you’re part of our wider community, you’ll know how much I love to do giveaways, and we’ve got a fantastic one going on at the moment!

To mark one official year of the Immigration Evaluation Directory, I wanted to let you know about another addition we’ve made – an official Instagram page!

And to celebrate, we’re offering a $40 gift certificate card to Books and Crannies, a Black-woman-owned independent bookstore. To enter, all you have to do is follow the Immigration Evaluation Directory Instagram Page. We’re counting all new follows as entries.

This giveaway ends on February 24, 2023. One entry per follow. 

How Will You Feel Good this Feb?

I hope you’ll join me this month in thinking about how we can give back and support each other. Even small actions can make a significant difference in someone’s day.

Whether that’s a colleague or client – we can all do with offering a little more kindness.

Cecilia Racine: Immigration Evaluation Therapist

I’m Cecilia Racine, and I teach therapists how to help immigrants through my online courses. As a bilingual immigrant myself, I know the unique perspective that these clients are experiencing. I’ve conducted over 500 evaluations and work with dozens of lawyers in various states. Immigrants are my passion, I believe they add to the fabric of our country.

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