A quick start guide to conducting immigration evaluations

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Conducting immigration evaluations creates a real, measurable difference in the outcome of cases.
In fact, If asylum-seekers get an evaluation done, their chances of being granted asylum almost doubles.

Analysis of 540 asylum seekers in 2015

+90% Asylum granted
received mental health/ medical evaluations
48% Asylum Granted
national average

Source: Boodman, Eric (January 25, 2017) Fleeing violence, asylum-seekers rely on psychologists to back up their story. Stat Special Report Retrieved online. 

How to get started with immigration evaluations

Our comprehensive, self-paced, easy-to-follow courses show you how to use your clinical skills to help immigrants in your community, and come with the option of earning 4 CEUs.

You’ll get lifetime access to learn step-by-step:

  • How to write an immigration evaluation and what to include
  • The types of immigration evaluations and the differences between each kind
  • All the templates, documents, and sample evaluations you’d ever need in English and Spanish
  • Regular course updates as new information is available and changes made to USCIS
  • And SO much more...
A quick start guide to conducting immigration evaluations

Learn more about immigration evaluations with my FREE Quick Start Guide.


Discover how conducting hardship waiver evaluations helps keep immigrant families together.


Explore how asylum evaluations helps keep immigrants safe from the countries they escaped from.

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Hi, I’m Cecilia Racine.
I teach therapists how to help immigrants.

As a bilingual immigrant myself, I know the unique perspective that these clients are experiencing. I’m an LCSW with 20 years of experience. I’m licensed in MD, VA, and DC, am certified as a social work supervisor, and experienced in a variety of trauma modalities, including EMDR. 

Over the years, I’ve conducted over 500 evaluations and worked with dozens of lawyers in the various states. 

Immigrants are my passion, I believe they add to the fabric of our country. 

GIVING BACK: I commit to donating a portion of my profits to non-profits that support immigrants families. 

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A quick start guide to conducting immigration evaluations

Learn more about immigration evaluations with my FREE Quick Start Guide and video series.