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How to Work With Interpreters when Conducting Immigration Psychological Evaluations

Some of my clients speak very little or no English, which is why I often…

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Marketing to Immigration Attorneys During COVID-19

As a clinician, you may be receiving fewer referrals in the wake of the coronavirus…

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How to conduct telehealth immigration evaluations online during COVID-19

We are all adjusting to our new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For many of…

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What are immigration evaluations and who can do them?

An immigration evaluation is any type of mental health evaluation that is used in an immigration…

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Should I evaluate and treat the same client?

Short answer: no. I think that completing an evaluation and being the client’s therapist constitutes…

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Do I have to be bilingual to do immigration evaluations?

One of the biggest misconceptions about this type of work is that you have to…

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