Client Management

woman conducting teletherapy

Bringing Quality Teletherapy Services to the Next Level

The future of online therapy looks bright—and convenient. For patients and clinicians alike, the ability…

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Immigrants and Resilience After Trauma

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Immigrant evaluations often focus on how the client has been harmed and experienced a series…

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How to incorporate pro bono work into your private practice

Taking the time to volunteer your expertise is an incredible opportunity to freshen your practice,…

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5 Tips for Avoiding Appointment Cancellations

5 Tips for Avoiding Appointment Cancellations

Time management is one of the most important aspects of being an immigration evaluation therapist.…

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N-648 forms

An overview of N-648 forms for naturalization applicants seeking US Citizenship


An N-648 form is a medical certification for disability exceptions for the US citizenship test.…

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How to Write a Letter of Support as an Immigration Evaluation Therapist

One of the primary documents you will learn to prepare in your immigration evaluation training…

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