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Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023: Recognizing Rich History and Contributions

Hispanic Heritage Month, observed annually from September 15th to October 15th, provides a significant opportunity…

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Suicide Prevention Week 2023: Fostering Support and Compassion Across Our Profession

September marks two important dates in any mental health professional’s calendar: World Suicide Prevention Day…

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Vicarious Traumatization and Self-Care: An Essential Guide for New Immigration Evaluation Professionals

As therapists and mental health professionals working in immigration evaluations, we play a vital role…

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7 Tips For Crafting High-Quality Immigration Evaluations

As immigration evaluation professionals, our role can significantly shape the lives of immigrants seeking legal…

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Testifying as an Immigration Evaluator: What to Expect and Tips for Preparation

Testifying as an immigration evaluator can be crucial to certain immigration cases.  While not every…

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Supporting Children and Separated Families: Mindfulness in Immigration Evaluations

As mental health professionals, we have a critical role in supporting and evaluating immigrant families…

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