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Supporting Children and Separated Families: Mindfulness in Immigration Evaluations

As mental health professionals, we have a critical role in supporting and evaluating immigrant families…

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Celebrating Pride Month 2023: How to Be a Positive Ally All Year Round

It’s June, and that means one great thing: It’s PrideMonth! You don’t need me to…

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Introducing: Brandi Hollaway Allen, Business Support Assistant for The Immigration Evaluation Institute

You’ve often heard me talk about the team I have behind me, helping to bring…

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How Immigration Evaluations Can Help Your Professional Practice

You’ve probably heard me talk about how adding immigration evaluations to your professional services is…

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When it Comes to Growing Your Practice: Are You Following Through?

When I was writing one of my recent blogs about connecting with immigration lawyers, there…

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Getting Started With Immigration Evaluations: Do You Need to be Certified?

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Since starting the Immigration Evaluation Institute, there’s been a number of questions I’m frequently asked.…

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