Client Management

The Value of Your Work? It’s More than a Fee.

As a small business owner, many people don’t realize that I am constantly researching, reading,…

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PRIDE Month 2022: Supporting Our LGBTQIA+ Clients & Colleagues

PRIDE Month 2022: Supporting Our LGBTQIA+ Clients & Colleagues As many of you know, June…

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Understanding Unconscious Bias

Zero Discrimination Day: Understanding Unconscious Bias in Ourselves and Others 


As mental health professionals, I’m pretty sure we’re all well informed on the concepts of…

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Mental Wellness Month: 8 Simple Ways to Support Clients’ Overall Mental Wellness


It doesn’t surprise me that January has been identified as ‘Mental Wellness Month.’After some time…

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woman laying on the floor

National Suicide Prevention Week 2021: A Starting Point for Vital Conversations

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This year, the 5th to the 11th of September 5th is National Suicide Prevention Week.…

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woman conducting teletherapy

5 High-Quality Tips to Level Up Your Teletherapy Services

The future of online therapy looks bright—and convenient!  For patients and clinicians alike, the growing…

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