The Immigration Therapists Community: Everything You Need to Know


If you’ve been following the evolution of the Immigration Evaluation Institute for a while, you might have seen or heard about the Immigration Therapists Community. If you’re new, you might not have heard about it yet!

Everything we offer is geared at providing value, support and guidance to anyone involved in or interested in offering immigration evaluations.

I wanted to take a moment to share a bit more about the dedicated Immigration Therapists Community, a fantastic offering we have available and a little bit different from our overall community.

What is the Immigration Therapists Community?

The Immigration Therapists Community is a dedicated paid membership that offers a range of in-depth, professional benefits to anyone involved in immigration evaluations.

This work can be challenging – and when you’re new – often confusing (keeping up with different legalities, jargon, or unusual cases are just a few examples that spring to mind that have confused me in years gone by!).

To help you overcome these challenges, I created a space designed to offer more tailored support and additional professional and personal development opportunities and help you maximize the value you gain from engaging with the Immigration Evaluation Institute.

What Does the Immigration Therapists Community Offer?

A range of extra benefits come with joining the Immigration Therapists Community.

I wanted to highlight some of the most crucial ones below, but there any many little extras and additions that come along with membership, too (that are a bit harder to define as they might be in response to offers we get from other sponsorships of groups!):

1. Access to Our Professional Monthly Consultation Group.

Our consultation group is the perfect place to work out any challenges you’re coming up against. Occasionally we’ll set a theme or agenda, but mostly we keep things informal, allowing anyone to share an experience or issue they’re facing and seeing how we can support one another to work through these. Examples of things we discuss include;

  • Challenging or unusual cases.
  • Writing up cases and best practices for completing paperwork based on different visas.
  • How to market out services and reach more clients.
  • Overcoming challenges working with different professionals in the space.

2. Unlimited One-to-One Office Hours.

I know sometimes you don’t need (or perhaps want) a big group of your peers weighing in on a case or issue you’re facing, and it’s much easier to just talk it through with one person you can trust to offer non-judgemental, professional guidance.

A key part of the membership to the community is direct, individual access to work with me on anything you might need help with, such as:

  • Questions and advice about a case you’re working on.
  • Any evaluation issues or challenges.
  • Understanding, creating, and working out a tailored marketing plan.
  • Feedback on any aspect of your immigration evaluation journey, including evaluations (where appropriate), websites, blogs, marketing efforts – anything you think might help.

3. Monthly Giveaways.

A great part of the community I think many will agree they enjoy is our giveaways!

We like to have fun, celebrate each other, and focus on the core parts of our role, so we hold monthly giveaways with some wonderful prizes up for grabs.

Recent prizes have included chocolates, candles, coasters, coffee, cocktail kits, and children’s books (the alliteration is entirely accidental!).

4. Professional Development Workshops.

I’m a big believer in continuous development, and there is always more to learn (and the longer I work in this field, the more I realize how much I have to learn as a professional – something that always excites me and lets me know I’m in the perfect profession for me).

For this reason, the community also provides a wide range of professional development workshops with experts and clinical specialists, such as torture survivors, ergonomics specialists, and marketing and website design professionals.

Many of these workshops also come with the option of Continuous Education Units (CEUs).

5. Listing in the Immigration Evaluation Directory.

If you haven’t already joined the immigration evaluation directory, membership to the community offers the ultimate perk – a free listing in the directory worth $17 a month!

The Immigration Evaluation Directory is a one-of-a-kind professional opportunity to market your practice and services to immigration attorneys 24/7 effortlessly. Immigration attorneys use the directory to find the best therapists for their clients; having a profile is an excellent way to up your visibility and develop a new network of contacts in your area.

How Much Does Membership to the Immigration Therapists Community Cost?

There are a few different ways you can gain access to the Immigration Therapists Community:

  1. Purchase a course: When you purchase one of my courses, you automatically gain access to the community for six months, free of charge. This is a great way to experience the community and decide whether you feel it offers enough value to continue after your initial six months (I’m very confident you will!).
  2. Subscribe Monthly: Monthly subscriptions to the community are just $49 a month, with no contracts or minimum monthly subscriptions. You can subscribe and unsubscribe whenever you like – I understand our work can move in ebbs and flows, so I want this to offer you the flexibility to utilize the community when you need it most and step away when appropriate.

Where to Find Out More

Is the Immigration Therapists Community sounding better by the minute? I hope so!

If you’d like to find out more, head over to the community page, which provides a little further information and how you can sign up.

Immigration Therapists Community FAQ

  1. I purchased a course but didn’t access the community; how can I get this?
    I’m so sorry about that! If you haven’t gotten access, simply drop me an email with the receipt/details of when you purchased one of my courses, and I’ll resolve that for you.
  2. I’ve purchased a listing in the directory and am interested in the community – will I still get six months of listing free?
    Absolutely, you’ll receive a coupon code that provides you with your free six-month listing. If you have any issues arranging this, just send me a message.
  3. I have an idea for a professional development workshop I’d like to see as part of the community. Can I send you my ideas?
    Yes! The community is just that – a community! If you have any ideas or needs that you want help with or would like to see more within the community, please let me know so we can make it happen. The community is here to serve YOU.

As always, if you have any questions or want to talk through anything to do with the community and how you might be able to get involved, I’m always available to chat through things. Send me an email, and let’s get you started!

Cecilia Racine: Immigration Evaluation Therapist

I’m Cecilia Racine, and I teach therapists how to help immigrants through my online courses. As a bilingual immigrant myself, I know the unique perspective that these clients are experiencing. I’ve conducted over 500 evaluations and work with dozens of lawyers in various states. Immigrants are my passion, I believe they add to the fabric of our country.

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