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World Mental Health Day, Week or Month: We Need to Acknowledge the ‘World’ in Mental Health

October is a busy month around the globe for mental health. World Mental Health Day…

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Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Understanding a Complex Issue within Our Communities & Immigration


Calls to emergency services regarding domestic violence have risen steeply during the COVID-19 pandemic, with…

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National Psychotherapy Day 2021: What it is & Ways to Get Involved

The 25th of September is National Psychotherapy Day, and it’s a day well worth taking…

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National Suicide Prevention Week 2021: A Starting Point for Vital Conversations

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This year, the 5th to the 11th of September 5th is National Suicide Prevention Week.…

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28 Simple PTSD Techniques for Immigration Evaluations – Part II


Welcome back to the second part of the 28 PTSD techniques based on senses that…

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28 Simple PTSD Techniques for Immigration Evaluations – Part I


National PTSD Awareness Day was celebrated a couple of days ago on June 27th, and…

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