Immigrant Awareness

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Microaggressions in Immigrants’ Lives

“Where are you from?”, “Where were you born?”, “You speak good English.” The subtle messages…

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Elder Abuse: Being Part of the Solution

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, held on June 15 each year, aims to promote a…

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LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and their mental health

LGBTQ+ asylum seekers and their mental health


Pride month is a time to reflect on the barriers and stigma faced by LGBTQ+…

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Mental Health Challenges Immigrants May Face

The mental health needs of immigrants often center on immigration, a stressful and sometimes long…

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Asian woman outside of a subway

Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Some obstacles that prevent clients from seeking mental health care

Mental health stigma affects all ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities, but Asian Americans may be more…

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Immigrants and Resilience After Trauma

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Immigrant evaluations often focus on how the client has been harmed and experienced a series…

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